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"I wish to take you back to an ancient form of storytelling-- to the magic lantern, the silent film, the graphic novel, the puppet show, the cave wall by torchlight-- and make you believe you are still seeing a movie."

THE KINOGRAPHIC NOVEL is an alternative cinematic experience created by artist ​MARK ANDRES combining hand-drawn images with printed intertitles and full music scores.  Andres' feature films and shorts-- all written and drawn by him-- have been official selections at numerous film festivals and been awarded Best Animated Film at the Independent Filmakers Showcase in Los Angeles (three times), the California Film Awards, the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and the Mexico International Film Festival, as well as received awards from the International Independent Film Festival Awards, Back in the Box Screenplay Competition, and LA Underground Film Forum.  

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As a painter Mark Andres' work is in numerous public and private collections including the Portland Art Museum, the Hallie Ford Museum of Art and Oregon Health and Sciences University.  His art is represented by Augen Gallery.  As a writer his work has been published by Oat City Press, The Clackamas Literary Review and Bull City Press.
He is a recipient of a Massachsetts Artists Foundation Fellowship in fiction and an Oregon Liteary Arts Award Grant in nonfiction.  His films have been awarded best animation and been official selections at numerous film festivals.